Expend Team - Dec 12, 2017

What's new in Expend: December 2017

It's the season to be jolly, and at Expend HQ we’re feeling pretty jolly right now, as we have some exciting new features to tell you about before we say goodbye to what has been a fantastic 2017 for Expend.

Our Expend Android app is out!

Yes, our most requested feature is here, and you’ll be glad to hear that we didn’t just make a half-baked copy of our iOS app. We took the opportunity to improve our entire platform architecture so we can better support our customers.

Expend Android


We streamlined and unified our app experience across our Android and iOS versions of Expend; to do this we brought the development on to a single platform.

This is a huge benefit to companies that want to deploy a employee expenses management solution on both Android and iOS, or have BYOD policies. Expend users, regardless of what phone they have will have access to, all have the same features and benefits, while also receiving the latest updates and fixes swiftly and simultaneously. This helps make onboarding and supporting employees a breeze.

As a result of the changes, our current iOS users may notice some minor alterations in the look of Expend, but the overall functionality and experience remains the same.


New Multi-Platform Management Dashboard

We took on board user feedback to help create our new dashboard experience. One common request was that users wanted to access the dashboard from whatever device was closest to hand. So we did just that, adding the ability to access it from any device and changing the layout to make it cleaner, more intuitive, and faster to navigate across all of them.

So if an employee loses their card or needs their card topped up for an unforeseen expense, or if someone needs quick access to a spending report in a meeting, the admin doesn’t have to wait until they are in front of their laptop to do it.

Other new Expend features include:

  • Easily invite employees to join your company Expend account
  • Order Expend cards for you and your colleagues
  • Xero integration improvements
  • Get a real-time overview of all company spending
  • Have full control to lock or cancel cards
  • Top up the main company balance and individual cards as required
  • Export your expenses data to your preferred accounting platform or into Excel

There are lots of updates coming in January that will build on these features, to further make your expenses effortless. Want to find out more about our leading expenses solution? Read our How and Why page. 

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year, and see you in 2018! Update: Read our What's new in Expend: January 2018 

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Written by Expend Team