Adam Clarke - Jul 11, 2018

What’s coming home? Did we miss anything? 🙄

It’s coming home of course and by ‘it's’ the collective ‘WE’ of England (and apparently Justin Timberlake) very much mean that FOOTBALL is coming home and to celebrate England's success so far, we've got an amazing special offer for New Expend Customers at the bottom of this blog.

Whether FOOTBALL is, or isn’t coming home is only two tantalising games away from actually happening, but that hasn’t stopped some people getting an 'It's coming home' tattoo, or jumping around IKEA like school children.

IKEA, being good sports sold their fish and chips for £1 and Aldi and Lidl have already decided that their stores will shut early should England make to the final. There's no word from the other big supermarkets yet, perhaps they’ll just turn up the volume in their TV departments and hand out some free Pringles?

Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) by Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds is unsurprisingly going to be the official number 1 song this Friday and even current number 1, George Ezra has been telling his fans to listen to Three Lions instead.


The Guardian has already declared England the winner of world cup memes, so there’s always that to fall back on. We've decided that the Only Fools and Horses one is our favourite, closely followed by the Friends one. 

Huawei even made a waistcoat covered in ‘it’s coming home’ for football fans to win.

Speaking of waistcoats. I even dusted off my waistcoat and helped in the effort to get as many people as possible to wear waistcoats to work. 

Not everyone is as optimistic, with Noel Gallagher booed at a recent gig after telling the crowd ‘it’s not coming home’ With Liam simply tweeting ‘Cmon ……..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’

Yes the whole of England has reached Fever Pitch , no not the 1997 film featuring Colin Firth, but Colin we all feel your pain, it is complicated.

Fever Pitch

Even Alan Shearer has been seen cracking a smile and singing with bread sticks and the BBC mockumentary of England winning the World Cup is starting to look a tad tame compared to what could happen if it does come home,.

But if Harry Kane doesn’t end up lifting the World Cup on Sunday, at least the woman who got the tattoo has a back up plan. “If we don’t win I’m going to get ‘maybe next time’ tattooed underneath it.”

She’s right, there is always next time…

But regardless of whether FOOTBALL comes home or stays away until ‘next time’, we are proud to offer some awesome special pricing for a limited time only.

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This offer is available until Wednesday 18th July. *This offer is open to any UK business and not just English ones. New customers only. All other cards will be charged at the normal rate. To redeem this offer, simply say “It’s Coming Home” in our live chat (Bottom right hand side)

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Written by Adam Clarke

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