Expend Team - Oct 24, 2018

Awards, Tracking and Filtering - What's new with Expend πŸŽ‰

Firstly we'll start with some great news for Expend! Mere weeks after we were shortlisted for three 2018 Payments Awards, we received the exciting news that we had won Best New Expenses Fintech UK 2018  from Global Banking and Finance Review. 

Tracking Your Expenses

Tracking has been an important part of human evolution ever since we started hunting for food. Since then we've tracked the seven seas, the stars and laid millions of kilometres of train tracks. We race cars on tracks and cheer on athletes that run round them. 

So while we might not stalk animal tracks for food & prey, tracking in its various forms is more important than ever, whether it be tracking deliveries or planning your day. Caterpillar tracks on the plant that makes our buildings, GPS tracking of our cars and our runs and the railway tracks made industry grow. The internet track clicks, track likes, and in business we use software to help us keep track changes, track stages track time and success to help us complete projects on time and on budget.

From the window, to the wall - that’s right, we heard the worlds call!

So yes you guessed it... Expend has taken expense tracking to another level. It's no longer just for tracking expenses, you can now pass the baton to your employees to ensure that everything is tracked properly, rather than hours sorting through them all.

You can now track categories instantly from purchases made with our connected Mastercard, in our app and dashboard and in your accounts. Any code, anytime, any type and any amount.

Plus for our Xero and Quickbooks customers, our tracking feature also fully supports Xero tracking categories and the rebilling of expenses. Quickbooks support works slightly differently, so speak to our live support team if you have any questions. 

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Filter Expenses

Filters are handy things. Brought to the mainstream by Instagram, they help obscure the things you don't want seen, and highlight the things you do. And really, what could be more useful than that?

We've been #nofilter long enough.

Sort the signal from the noise, the detail from the fluff, the pressing from the unnecessary. Filter your expenses on the expense screen. Now, in v4.1.5.

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