The Expend Digest: Topics of the Week

A round up of what’s been piquing curiosity, prompting questions and provoking debate among the Expend team.

In this edition: Surprising phone bills, the surprising effect of colours, a surprising angle on the impact of AI and a (mostly) unsurprising spending scandal.

So, the truth appears to emerge. While trying to remain as impartial as possible, we can’t quite help but notice how the fundamental problem with electoral spending is a lack of real oversight and transparency

A somewhat amusing tale of a Polish charity failing to control it’s expenses. If only they’d had instant spending notifications...then they’d never have let this stork rack up a huge phone bill.

A recent, and worrying, article in the Telegraph had us all talking. After our recent study found ⅓ of people claiming expenses go into debt while waiting to be repaid, it emerged that the younger generation don’t even realise this can cost them dearly.

London was awash with colour for the recent pride festival. Which made it a timely appearance by this infographic, about the benefits of colour in marketing. The standout claims being:

  • 85% of your customers place colour as the primary reason they buy a product.
  • Colour will increase your brand recognition by 80%.
  • And (alarmingly) every 100ms of your website’s load time could be losing you 1% of sales!

The robots are coming! Start your preparation with RSM UK’s brief overview of some business implications from the impending wave of process automation. While we’ve never heard it called “Robotic Process Automation” (RPA) before, the summary still serves as a decent starting point for the many nuances to the human cost of AI & ML. A particularly interesting area of this is the 'edging out' of younger employees looking to ‘cut their teeth’ in low level internship roles. Mitigating the effects of the upheaval will likely require government intervention, so here’s an overview of the steps various nations are taking to become leaders in AI.

Fintech has something of an image problem in certain circles. Too insular, too much hype, too centered in London. It’s why we applaud the government’s Tech Nation initiative. And we’re especially happy to share their podcast episode - fintech for good.

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