Going Digital Part 1: When Disruption Strikes ⚡

February 2018 Product Update - Dashboard

There was a time when we tried to squeeze the app and dashboard all on to your phone! I know! Crazy, right?

Top 3 Reasons to Start Innovating in Your Business

In the past, it seemed far simpler to run a successful business – just find a good product or service, put in plenty of leg work and you should soon start seeing a return on your investment.

Five Ways To Cut Your Expenses As An SME

If doing expenses feels about as fun as cutting onions, then you're not alone, it's probably one of the least fun things about running a business. 

5 Business Expenses That Might Catch You Unawares

If you’ve decided 2018 will be the year that you'll start your own business

How To Make Xero Really Work For Your Business

These days, the market is brimming with tools designed to make life for your business that little bit easier. From high-tech productivity apps to software that makes web design a breeze, there’s...

Expenses The Problem With The Manual Approach

When we think of someone tackling their expenses, we tend to think of a worried-looking individual up to their elbows in receipts, hopelessly trying to match dates to engagements and drowning in...

Six Comprehensive Freelance Job Websites We Use To Source Talent

At Expend, as with many startups, we have so far operated on a lean basis

Top 3 Expenses You Can Claim While Travelling

One of the best things about being a freelancer is that you can often take your work with you wherever you want to go. 

Top Expenses Freelancers Can Claim

There are many great things about being a freelancer. 

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