Going Digital Part 1: When Disruption Strikes ⚡

Less human = more secure? How customer security shaped Expend’s development

Like it or not, your data is serious business (a new asset class even). It is monitored more than you know and its security is an ever growing concern (and you should be concerned). 

Expenses The Problem With The Manual Approach

When we think of someone tackling their expenses, we tend to think of a worried-looking individual up to their elbows in receipts, hopelessly trying to match dates to engagements and drowning in...

Six Comprehensive Freelance Job Websites We Use To Source Talent

At Expend, as with many startups, we have so far operated on a lean basis

The advantages of doing expenses with an Expend card vs a Company card

Every TfL journey made with a contactless Mastercard will feed a child this October

Expend has been transforming expenses from being a source of frustration, to requiring little more than tapping in and out on TfL

Xerocon 2017. An accounting event to remember.

Xerocon London was an accounting event to remember. It came and it went with a blast... And boy did we have fun

Meet Expend’s design guru, Inga.

A brief history of accounting

Ever since the ancient Mesopotamians began keeping track of the goods that they were trading, accounting has been an essential – if not terribly exciting – part of life. But just how has this...

How to motivate your team as a small business

If you’ve ever worked for a big company, it may appear that it’s easy for them to keep their employees happy and motivated. With big budgets for annual parties and regular treats, they’re often...

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