This is why employees need to be empowered

Reducing the hassle of free trials 🎉

The advantages of doing expenses with an Expend card vs a Company card

On the importance of Expenses - Part ✌

Hurrah!! We've been Shortlisted for 3 Payments Awards 🎉

Don't wait for 'Making Tax Digital' to become more productive


5 Business Expenses That Might Catch You Unawares

Less human = more secure? How customer security shaped Expend’s development

Like it or not, your data is serious business (a new asset class even). It is monitored more than you know and its security is an ever growing concern (and you should be concerned). 

Xerocon 2017. An accounting event to remember.

Xerocon London was an accounting event to remember. It came and it went with a blast... And boy did we have fun

7 Ways To Make Your Company More Innovative

These days, getting ahead in business is all about keeping on top of the latest trends. But it’s not just about what’s popular with consumers – to keep the competitive edge, you’ll need to know...

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