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Expend is going social in Summer '20

There’s one more change you should make in 2020, and this one is a positive life-changer!
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1st Week of Working From Home: 5 Tips That Have Kept The Team Going

Today marks the end of Expend’s first week of working remotely- goodbye regular chats over the coffee machine, booth saving with a laptop and lunch dashes to any of a variety of food spots (meal...
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Business Tips

3 Tips on Conquering FOMO: Be ‘In The Room’ and Stay on Top of Your Business Simultaneously

February has been our month for reset- checking in on those resolutions we made and dropped just as quickly as you can say ‘free cake Wednesday’- and assessing how to weave them back into our...
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Why it’s time to break up with your Spreadsheets 💔

We get it, you’ve been seeing spreadsheets for as long as you’ve been working and there’s something beautiful about all those lines. Every job you’ve ever had, spreadsheets have been there too....
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Small Businesses - Feb 7, 2020

The Expend guide to taking the leap and winning back a day

Expend's guide to winning back a day, regardless of the leap year and making space every month to get your resolutions back on track so you can have the business, and the life, you’ve been working towards.
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We've launched the Expend marketplace to further support UK businesses 🎉

We've launched a new business services marketplace to support our mission to help businesses across the UK go beyond expenses in 2020. 
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Business Tips - Dec 24, 2019

10 tips to help you define your 2020 vision and goals 👓

A new decade is fast approaching and with it opportunity and a fair dollop of uncertainty. In the run-up to the year 2000 it was the millennium bug (remember that?) and the chaos it eventually didn’t cause that was the main...
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expendmas - Dec 23, 2019

How to automate and unify in 2020 – It’s the year to keep all your spending in one place

We have spoken to many finance teams and business owners in 2019 who think managing expenses and spending is a cumbersome process that’s difficult to be simplified — at least at a reasonable price. 
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expendmas - Dec 19, 2019

Our 2019 roundup and a look towards 2020 📺

On the 9th day of #Expendmas 🎉 we spoke with our CEO, Johnny Vowles about the successes of 2019 and a look into what to expect from Expend in 2020. Oh and of course if you watch it to the end you'll be treated to some awesome...
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