Expend Team - Apr 6, 2018

Our Marathon Expender

Many of our customers will know Colin well, and likely agree that he’s been doing a pretty great job at helping businesses and accountants to beat the expenses problem.

Some might think that the satisfaction of this noble fight would be enough and his evenings spent basking in this glory, but not our Colin. He’s decided to run the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon for an amazing charity called MACS, which provides vital support to children who are born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes.


This year, 100 families in the UK will be told their babies have no eyes, small eyes, or a cleft in the eye. MACS provide these families and children with support and aid allowing them to lead a normal life and reach their full potential.

Any donations you can give will be fantastic, and will also spur me on through the last few gruelling weeks and race day itself!”

 Of course the whole team at Expend are right behind him, and we might even cheer him on if the weather isnice enough. If not we’ll move our duvets in front of the TV and cheer him on from the comfort of our sofas.

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At the time of writing, Colin has already raised an impressive 50% of his target, but as an extra incentive, for every £100 raised Colin has promised to not mention nipple butter (apparently that’s a running thing) or complain about his blisters for a whole day.

So with that, and the fact he’s doing a pretty great thing for a wonderful charity. Feel free to support our Scottish pocket rocket with your cold hard cash via this link


Written by Expend Team