Our COVID-19 pledge: Expend free until September 2020

It was only a week ago that we took the decision to instruct our entire team to work from home for the foreseeable future. As we all know, things since then have moved at a rapid pace and it was obvious that the magnitude of the impact that this would have on businesses would be huge. We knew that Expend, as a solution that has been helping businesses to save time and money since it was born in London in 2015, had the capacity to act fast to support businesses alongside so many other businesses and accountants that have come together during these uncertain times

What we decided to do. 

We recently launched the ability for businesses to use Expend with or without our Smart PrePaid Mastercards, so employees can track any type of expense or invoice from any payment method with our advanced data extraction tools, alongside our mileage claim tracker. This was also going to open our market to the world, but the world of course, has other ideas, at least for now. 

So after a few late-night video calls, it was all agreed how we would do our bit to support British businesses by our popular expense card alongside our new powerful expense management features gave us the opportunity to do just that. The first thing we all agreed on was making Expend Free for new customers until September 2020, starting Monday 23rd March for a limited time. Choosing to do this was probably one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever made as a company.  

Why until September?

We chose until September because we could see the level of uncertainty, not only over the length of time that this could last but also concerning businesses finances, staffing levels and so much more.

Importantly, no one knows how long this pandemic will last and even with current estimates of 12 weeks, we felt that by only offering 3 months free would be little more than a token offering. We felt it important to support businesses as they also got back on their feet and started to rebuild. 

What we are doing next?

We have more plans to do our bit to help Keep Britain Going and to support our amazing businesses and communities across the UK on this island we call home, whether born here or chosen to be part of. To find out more about our plans, simply follow us on social media, sign up for Expend.

Finally, feel free to share this with any organisation that you think Expend could help. 

Stay Safe.

Written by Johnny Vowles - Expend CEO

CEO and Co-founder of Expend.