James Fisher - Jul 26, 2019

New features in Expend - July 2019

The pace of change - A Haiku.

in life, it's said, the 

only constant is change. Well 

embrace it, we do.

And boy, do we have some changes for you!

If we’ve been a little quiet of late, it’s only because we’ve had our heads down - nose to the keyboard, working hard - to bring you an app worthy of your expenses. One to help you do business at the speed of you.

Some updates are functional, some are featureful, and some are just plain beautiful. What follows is a brief overview of the main ones, navigate over to the dashboard itself to see them all in action!

Speaking of navigation….



Our Expend account contains....no cake.


Dashboard navigation

We’ve made a number of changes to the dashboard layout and navigation. So numerous, in fact, they required a more complete explanation of their own. Head to our separate blog here to learn what we changed, and why.

(TL:DR there were too many new features to fit nicely in the old structure).

Speaking of features....



A side-effect of Expend becoming ever more feature-packed is that it’s also becoming complicated to navigate. So, because we’re trying to make your admin easier, we’ve added a handy search bar to your homepage. Hopefully this will offer a quick route to get you exactly where you want to be! Whether that’s your custom tax types or integration sync settings.

Speaking of integrations....


Stripe integration

Why not try a search for the billing page? And find an integration of a different kind! Many of our customers reached out (via our live chat support) to request alternative methods to pay for Expend. So today we proudly present: Stripe payments! 

The Stripe integration means you can now pay with any type of card you wish. Simply click ‘+ payment method’ and enter the card details. If you select ‘make default payment method’ we’ll use it automatically, every month. Your admin just got easier!

Speaking of easier admin…


Quick review filters & expense category groups

Expend-Review_ToolbarQuick filters for the win!

Admins may now combine the flexibility of completely customisable categories, with the ease of category groups! Select a group with you create the category, and we'll organise your categories alphabetically underneath it.

We've added a second toolbar to the review page. This lets you filter all the expenses by type simply by clicking the appropriate button. A small enhancement, but it does help keep everything neat, and looking good.

Speaking of looking good...Weve had a makeover-2-1

Our New Look!

That’s right, we’ve taken a long, hard, look in the mirror (under unflattering light, no less!) and decided it’s time to throw out our old wardrobe and step in to a brave new look.

You may have already noticed this on the website, which we changed earlier this week - and again, later this week. And again, just this morning. The updated dashboard is phase two - and, we hope you agree, it looks amazing! The final phase, the mobile app, is well underway, and will soon be ready for your general expensing delight.

As with any transformation, there are inevitably nerves surrounding it’s reception, so please do let us know what you think! 


In other exciting news, we’re now in the last stages of testing the brand new feature that’s (still) code named Secret Project 1.

We’re sure you’ll love it - so keep your eyes peeled for announcements about that soon!

Until then, happy Expending!

Written by James Fisher