Expend Team - Aug 17, 2017

Meet Expend’s design guru, Inga.

What do you do at Expend?

My role is primarily to design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) across all Expend platforms. But, as it goes with a startup, I get to switch between different design-related things daily, including social, marketing, print material and all things digital. You’ve got to be a multifaceted designer when working for a startup. Which is why I enjoy my role here so much.

What have you been working on lately? Is there any design aspects you are particularly proud of?

Recently I've started introducing more animated elements and learning about this aspect of design. That is something I’m having a lot of fun with at the moment. I’m also really proud of the look and feel of the Expend app and website. Although I can’t take full credit – it’s been a team effort.

Where does the inspiration for your designs come from?

I find my design inspiration in all sorts of places. I consider myself fairly active and quite often my inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. Nature would probably be one example. I've got a background in both art and design, and have spent some time designing kinetic installations and sculpture. That's where my love for all things responsive and interactive comes from. There are also tons of great artists and designers out there, and you could never get enough of that stuff.

What is your vision for the Expend from a design perspective?

I've got big plans for Expend. As it goes with design, you “live” for the future. Waiting for that big moment to be able to bring forward another new feature or design. We have recently started designing Expend for Android as well as our web dashboard. You’re going to see some great UI features ahead, so stay tuned!

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Written by Expend Team