Growth, Awards, Research and Events - Expend’s year in review.

This is the time of year when everyone, brands included look back on the past year and hopefully think that it was a pretty good 12 months. So I wanted to take a moment to look back and reflect on what we have learnt before pushing on in the new year.

2018 was a defining year for us. We’ve learnt a lot and we’ve grown as people and of course as a business.

The conversations our hardworking and dedicated team are now having about new developments in 2019 are worlds away from the same time last year. Likewise, the companies we are talking to and signing up to use our award-winning expense management we could only dream of 12 months ago. So a big thanks to all our customers for believing in what we are doing and helping us to break our own internal records on a weekly and often daily basis. Not just by using our product, but providing honest and constructive feedback that we then went on and used in our product development.

I particularly loved this recent review: “The best payment card we have ever used. Very user-friendly. Excellent customer service.” It’s a timely reminder that we are on the right tracks. 

Speaking of Awards, in 2018 we were very lucky and this was topped off with being named one of the Top 100 Britains Fastest-Growing Businesses in early December. We were also shortlisted for three Payments Awards and Global Business and Finance Review awarded us the Best New Expenses Fintech UK. You can read my interview in the Top 100 report here.


On to the subject of research, we decided early on in the year to look at the state of the UK expenses economy and some of the findings were very revealing. Stats like “29% of people have had to ask friends and family for cash because they were out of pocket due to paying for company expenses” caught the attention of the national press, regional press and trade press.

You can read more about our mayor findings and where it was featured via our Expenses Economy page which brings together the main topics of our research. This page was also unsurprisingly our most shared piece of content of the year, even though we only published it in November.

As we continue to grow, our partnerships will become even more important, it’s vital that we make sure that we spend time with partners old and new to understand their needs and challenges. We've managed to do this organically and without the need to provide incentives like tablets and free lunches. 

Expend stand

So it's perhaps of little surprise that Accountex and Xerocon were the highlight events for me and the team. The response to our solution was amazing, though it was admittedly sweetened by our now legendary Expend Cacti. We estimate there's about 1,400 of them now live in homes and offices across the country.

 expend cactus email-1

So thanks again for your support, we’re really excited by our 2019 product road-map and feature releases planned for the new year. I hope that you use the time to have a well-deserved rest and recharge the batteries. At the very least Expend customers will have a lot less end of year expenses admin to do.

If you're reading this and you've not got round to signing up yet then perhaps early 2019 is the time to finally signup. 

Written by Johnny Vowles - Expend CEO

CEO and Co-founder of Expend.