Expend Team - Jun 3, 2020

Expend is going social in Summer '20

There’s one more change you should make in 2020, and this one is a positive life-changer!

Expend is going social in Summer ‘20 - we’re engaging with more and more customers through our social media channels, brightening up your day via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn! 

We’re on a mission at Expend, with the sole purpose of making people’s lives easier. Unfortunately we can’t solve the crossword for you, nor can we organise your sock drawer; but we can solve your finance headache by streamlining your expenses.

Imagine a world where it takes you less than 10 seconds to submit your business expenses, rather than the standard “admin day” at the end of the month… now imagine what you could do with that “admin day” on a bright summer’s day. 

Now is a great time to revisit some of your existing processes, and to see how your business can work more efficiently ready for our 'new normal'.  Our mobile app enables you to submit expense claims, add photos of receipts, categorise your transactions and track your mileage with Google Maps while on the go, along with using your smart Expend card (or your own corporate or personal cards) to purchase the goods or services your company needs.


Life’s starting to look better with Expend.


How to enter the competition:

To promote positivity as we enter into what looks like (fingers crossed) a beautiful British summer, we’re giving away super-handy Amazon vouchers!

Competitions will be run across all of our social media platforms with £100 for each winner, all you have to do is Follow, Like and Comment on the post and describe your current expense management process in one word. You can find our social media channels using the icons at the bottom of this blog post.

We’ll message one lucky follower on each platform directly and arrange for that crisp £100 voucher to be sent your way! 

What would you treat yourself to? 

Written by Expend Team