Adam Clarke - Apr 11, 2019

Expend feature update: Homepage redesign

 Designed to get to what you need faster.

Last month we highlighted the latest expense management trends that we expect to see in the new tax year. Now we are following that up with more time and money saving features to power company expenses in whatever form they come in.

In conjunction with the release of mileage, we’ve also introduced a new homepage for the dashboard. If you thought we were just a really good Business Prepaid card solution (which we are, of course) then it's time to think again. We are solving the expenses problem lock stock and barrel, so we need to make sure that our other great features are quick and easy to access. 

Tudor, our front end designer had this to say: "The new homepage was designed to bring forward all our features into one place. The goal was to make our users lives easier, so they can better quantify how much they’ve got to do (and then feel even better once they’ve finished everything off) and of course to emphasise all our new features when they launch." 

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So we've made navigation to what matters much easier, and also help users to efficiently see important actions that are required and tasks that are needed to be completed. Another key way we are helping users do better their expenses is via...

Your very own personal to do list.

This is your brand new dedicated expenses to do list. It will intelligently guide you through new elements of Expend that can help you get more out of our service.

From the handy do list on your dashboard, you'll see when something needs to be done to complete an expense or a new feature is added. You’ll see related tasks appear in the list automatically and just as importantly, completed ones disappear like magic.

Automated receipt chasing.

People hate chasing people for things, it's a fact of life. So in short, we've created your own personal autonagging assistant, so you don't have to have those awkward conversations with your colleagues or send countless emails to chase them.

Simply set the dates you want the reminder emails to be sent to chase your colleagues for receipts and sit back and watch as the . This can be configured to send on any day of the week and will remind colleagues if their expense reports are missing receipts. And provide a handy link to the report itself! 

Tracking groups and options CSV upload.

Boring perhaps, but definitely super useful. It's designed to help new customer to set up and managing Expend even faster and easier. 👍 Simply upload your tracking groups & options in a handy CSV format! Plus you can easily disable and archive them. 

We are committed to redefining how expense management should be done for modern businesses then Sign up your business today for a 30 day free trial and find out for yourself.

Written by Adam Clarke

I'm the Marketing and Partnership Manager at Expend. When I'm not fighting expenses admin with our amazing solution, you can find me eating my way around London's food scene.