Kayley Hunter - Dec 12, 2019

Expend Announces VAT IT Partnership

Expend is proud to announce another partnership, this time with VAT IT. 

As a leading spend and expense management platform it makes perfect sense for Expend to partner with VAT IT, the global leader in VAT, providing a simple automated, seamless solution for our clients to maximise their cross-border and local VAT recoveries, adding significant cash resources back to their bottom line.


Not only does VAT IT cover local and international T&E expenses, but they also cover a number of other areas that helps to ensure businesses reclaim the VAT they are owed. 

“VAT IT offers a full, end-to-end Foreign & Domestic VAT reclaim solution for over 14,000 companies in over 117 different countries. Our tailor-made service and industry-leading technology are designed to dramatically maximize your Foreign & Domestic VAT savings and compliance. With automation and efficiency of finance functions being a hot topic for businesses, effortless expense management through Expend coupled with seamless VAT reclaim from VAT IT, allows business to spend their valuable time and resource on what matters most.”

Jamie Breslaw, Finance Operations Manager, VAT IT.

As part of this partnership, VAT IT will be offering exclusive packages to Expend customers that are designed to support their business and maximise VAT reclamation.

Written by Kayley Hunter

As head of partnerships, Kayley can be found working closely with accountants and leading accounting apps to help solve the expenses and spending problems faced by businesses through lasting partnerships.