Kayley Hunter - Dec 16, 2019

Expend Announces Tanda Partnership

Expend is proud to announce our latest partnership to further help our customers beyond expenses. We’ve partnered with Tanda, the world's #1 platform for workforce success, who have built cloud software for scheduling staff, managing attendance, and making business decisions.

“Alongside our vision to solve the employee expenses and spend management problems, we believe that Tanda’s vision to build a product that allows businesses to build truly productive workforce is a perfect fit for a partnership that helps businesses grow and create more jobs by helping staff be happier and more productive.” Kayley Hunter, head of partnerships, Expend.

Tanda Devices

"Tanda is excited to be welcomed into the Expend ecosystem and we look forward to supporting their mission to simplify and streamline the end of month admin we all dread. This will provide a unique opportunity for our mutual clients to get out of the back office, and back into what they do best." - Bryce Davies, Tanda

So with Expend looking after all your employee spending and expenses, the Tanda app puts all their work details into their pocket.

Features include:
* View upcoming shifts
* View the status of leave requests
* View timesheets
Plus other optional extras:
* Apply for leave workplace
* Manage unavailability
* Request a replacement for a shift

We'll be announcing more about our partnership exclusively to our customers, but if you can't wait and want to make the most of your workforce. Sign up at my.tanda.co/try

Written by Kayley Hunter

As head of partnerships, Kayley can be found working closely with accountants and leading accounting apps to help solve the expenses and spending problems faced by businesses through lasting partnerships.