Expend Team - Dec 11, 2016

Expend Crowdfunding update 2. Questions regarding the Global market.

Hi all,

We’ve had a busy few days! Lots of questions are being asked and we're responding to emails and requests for business plans as fast as we can.

As well as some great suggestions and ideas for user cases and features, we've had quite a lot of enquires from people regarding the sizeable market opportunities outside the UK and asking when we are moving Expend beyond the UK.

Obviously our cards can be used all over the world already, however yes it has always been our intention to fully support beyond the UK as soon as it’s sensible to do so. I think it's likely we’ll focus on European markets next as it is fairly straight forward to facilitate this within our current banking/Mastercard relationship. We’ve had particular interest coming from Germany and France.


Johnny & Team

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Written by Expend Team