Expend Team - Jun 17, 2015

Better expenses with Expend. Beta coming soon with Crunch Accounting support.

I’m Johnny, one of the creators of a soon-to-be-released product called Expend, which simplifies the expense process by saving time and money for both companies and employees.

Anyone who deals with expenses, from one-person companies to large corporates will be able to benefit from Expend. In a nutshell, Expend helps automate the messy expense claim process and gives users better insight and control over company spending.

To do this, we’re making use of Crunch’s superb Developer API in order to bring these benefits to Crunch users who will have first access. 

Remove the hassle

Many people experience the inefficiencies of expense processing – even with a great system like Crunch. Often the time taken is a hidden cost – many companies have little idea just how much this process costs until they look into the resources it requires.

The seed for improving this process was planted when Rudolph, a long time Crunch client as a freelance engineer, became frustrated with the hassle of dealing with receipts, data entry, managers and reimbursement.

We realised it made sense to create a solution which could automatically transfer the required expense data directly into his Crunch account.

So we thought how best to accomplish this – there are many attempts by companies to try and make this process easier but they mostly involve reporting after a transaction has taken place. This means manual data entry and a collation of receipts is still required, so users are still left with the hassle of expense filing and reimbursement.

Simple, secure and in control

From this Expend was born. Our first product is a dedicated company expense card (MasterCard) which can be manually or automatically loaded as required.

By providing the payment method, it means that whenever the card is used we can instantly capture the needed information and efficiently pass the expense data into your Crunch account. This means there are no long forms to fill out, no receipts to collect, no errors and no time wasted with managers and reimbursement. The expenses are visible and processed in real time.

To compliment the Expend card, there is a simple app and online dashboard which instantly shows all the transactions and allows you to attach images and notes to each transaction. You can also choose to have a handy notification reminder to take a picture of the receipt immediately after the transaction has taken place.

The process is simple: You make a payment with the card, and, if required, you take a picture of the receipt and the expenses will be pinged instantly into Crunch. That’s pretty much it.

You can set spending rules and get instant reports for each card. This could be for a daily budget for food and travel, for example.

Expend offers additional security on outgoings so an Expend card can be issued to employees who wouldn’t ordinarily qualify for a company card – such as contractors or delivery drivers.

A little help

As a new company it’s incredibly helpful for us to engage and gather feedback from interested people.

We’re hoping that you’ll be able to provide feedback and possibly answer a few questions on our short survey on our website.

You’ll also be able to register for updates and potentially be one of our founding members, who we’ll be offering some neat perks. We greatly appreciate your interest. Please watch this space, check out expend.wpengine.com for more info and don’t forget to say hello at hello@expend.io

Written by Expend Team