Expend Team - Aug 1, 2017

5 Productivity Apps for Freelancers and Small Businesses


Finally decided to become your own boss? While you’ve no doubt fretted over the essentials, you might not have considered one of the biggest challenges that new freelancers and small business owners face... 

...being productive. If you’re worried about remaining efficient and motivated without a boss breathing over your shoulder, these apps are here to help.


If you’re working from home, it’s vital to separate your business and leisure time. To stop wasting precious hours scrolling addictive social media sites, install a blocker app like SelfControl. Simply tell it your guilty pleasures, and the app will block access for a pre-determined time period.


Although Google Drive and Dropbox are the most popular apps for file sharing and collaboration between clients and co-workers, Slack is becoming a firm favourite with those in the know. Great for remote workers, this app allows you to share documents, communicate with people around the world and organise data easily across numerous channels.


Once your business has taken off, you’ll soon realise that email is an inadequate tool for managing multiple projects. Instead, use a management app like Asana to keep everything you need in one place. With an easy interface that allows you to track projects from start to finish, this app is great for keeping tabs on your business as it grows.


If you’re a new freelancer working at an hourly rate, it can be difficult to get into the habit of tracking your time. Toggl is an app that makes it easy to keep a record of individual tasks and log the time spent on each. For small businesses, the app can also be used to keep tabs on employees’ activity.


And of course we had to mention our own super time saving product, Expend (#shamelessplug). One of the most dreaded moments for a freelancer or small business owner is totting up all your receipts at the end of the tax year. Save time by using Expend, an integrated payment system and mobile app that makes short work of business accounting by allowing you to log your transactions and expenses in real time.

The Expend Difference - Xero

Feeling motivated? With these apps in your arsenal, you’ll become a master of productivity in no time at all.

Written by Expend Team