Jess Williamson - Feb 21, 2020

3 Tips on Conquering FOMO: Be ‘In The Room’ and Stay on Top of Your Business Simultaneously

February has been our month for reset- checking in on those resolutions we made and dropped just as quickly as you can say ‘free cake Wednesday’- and assessing how to weave them back into our lives, just with a bit more consistency and pragmatism. March is fast approaching though and the team are juggling pulling together plans for our attendance at both Quickbooks Connect on the 3rd and 4th of March and Digital Accountancy Show on the 26th, while still maintaining regular tasks.

With Events season kicking off, how are we managing it? Well, between some close team collaboration, a constant supply of caffeine, and some external advice from our Marketplace friends, we’re somehow not just keeping up with the amount of work on our desks but also staying sane, which may be considered more important (by some). 

Some of our office have been putting a Power Hour into practice, as advised by our Marketplace partner Capitalise which has been a total game changer for some, while others have taken to squeezing as much efficiency out of their lunch breaks as possible (a quick run, a dash to the post office to return half your online orders, and inhaling your lunch on route back to your desk- anyone else?)- thanks Commuter Club!

The reality is though that we can all be fooled into feeling like every task on our to-do list is urgent and needs to be completed immediately, which if unaddressed, can lead to a paradox of efficiency: trying to juggle so much that nothing gets done. Fear not, because if that sounds familiar, know you are not alone! 

Here are our 3 top tips for winning back your day, so you need not fight the FOMO but rather get to those events knowing you are still on top of your work: 

  1. Adam, our Head of Marketing suggests, “It may seem like a given, but so many people block out time in their calendars for events, but forget to cover the little things- such as setting an out of office and recommending a colleague as an urgent alternative contact when you’re offline, so you can fully commit to being present at the event. If you absolutely have to squeeze in some work, make use of the events’ break out spaces and steal away a power hour (or half, depending on the schedule) to tackle some ‘easy win’ tasks”
  2. Sometimes it's the ones who are left behind who suffer, and communication can take a real hit when people are in and out of the office. Sam, Head of Partnerships from MarketFinance, reminds us that communication is key. “Even if someone is working from home, we all communicate in real-time via Slack. We have Friday night Townhall get-togethers which really helps in how inclusive and accessible we are. We make time for one another and these bonding opportunities allow us to humanise any situation. We are one team, working together to make it happen" 
  3. The Sales team are more mobile in general, and our Head of Sales James, says, “Forward thinking is key for me. Trying to be more proactive than reactive gives me the ability to manage my diary better. It takes the stress away when there are "abnormalities" to my usual routine, such as big market events. This all enables me to maximise the time I have at events, without having to stress about all the plates stopping spinning back at the office!

Industry events are put on to HELP you, so make sure you’re prepared and ready to put yourself out there. Be present, 'in the room', and ready to shop and sell for your business. Remember that we are all trying to manage our time better, so you’re never alone when time management feels overwhelming. Use what is available to help you (ie Expend for your Expenses, just saying) and keep your business flowing by adapting and staying aware of your roadblocks as they approach. 

Enjoy the events season, note down what you're after, and stock up on swag! We look forward to seeing you at QuickBooks Connect in London in 2 weeks time.

Photo by Julian V from Pexels

Written by Jess Williamson