Our Marathon Expender

Many of our customers will know Colin well, and likely agree that he’s been doing a pretty great job at helping businesses and accountants to beat the expenses problem.

The Expend Difference - Our Xero Integration

Welcome to our new blog series that will be focusing on some of the stand out features that makes Expend different (and loved by our customers!).

Don't wait for 'Making Tax Digital' to become more productive


February 2018 Product Update - Mobile

Greetings, wonderful Expenders!

February 2018 Product Update - Dashboard

There was a time when we tried to squeeze the app and dashboard all on to your phone! I know! Crazy, right?

Are you ready for the rise of the Virtual Finance Director?

Last week we attended Intuit Quickbooks Connect in the industrial setting of the Printworks. 

What gift do you give to the company you love?

Owning or running a business is hard, you’ll likely (hopefully) be surrounded by passionate employees who love the company and want to see it succeed. 

Top 3 Reasons to Start Innovating in Your Business

In the past, it seemed far simpler to run a successful business – just find a good product or service, put in plenty of leg work and you should soon start seeing a return on your investment.

What’s new in Expend: January 2018

A new year typically brings a ‘restart’ mindset and fresh impetus for positive change and improvement. We’re no exception to making the odd resolution too and, after very little thought, we...

Five Ways To Cut Your Expenses As An SME

If doing expenses feels about as fun as cutting onions, then you're not alone, it's probably one of the least fun things about running a business. 

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